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There’s money on the floor, spray it spray it! There’s money on the floor, spray it, spray it! This is not balling but this is our culture. If there’s one thing I enjoy about being Nigerian is the parties. Beside the music and dancing, one thing that makes Nigerian parties so unique is “Spraying”.
The best way I can explain spraying is: making it rain, throwing bands in the air at a party! Bands to make her dance (lol). Seriously though spraying when is the guests of the party shower the celebrant and their family in money. This usually happens at wedding receptions and birthday parties. The music is playing people are dancing, while that is happening the celebrant is getting spraying with money.

When I was around 7 or 8. We threw a birthday party for my grandmother, as a little kid I had so much fun running around and dancing. No exaggeration after that party I walked out with $189 dollars from getting sprayed with money. The next day my parents took that money and said it was going to my “college tuition” (little did I know lol).

If you haven’t been to one yet, I recommend that you experience it one time in your life!

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“Omo Yoruba”

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No just don’t touch it. PERIOD! Just bc it looks different and it’s not what ur use to seeing, does not mean you can touch it. GET OVER IT!
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White on white



We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

I just finished seeing this

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Another Magazine’s fashion director Katie Shillingford called upon longtime friend and collaborator Matthew Stone to shoot the magazine’s Rick Owens S/S14 inspired story. Powerful visuals, reflecting a powerful show. 

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moment of silence for all the star trek promos that look like awkward prom photos

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She’s wearing my favorite color…



this could be us but you playin



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